February challenge.jpg

We have our first virtual running challenge starting in February 2020 for our fantastic Arundelle medal!  

This medal has been super popular and we are aware there are a number of runs that some runners have been unable to attend.

Just £16 to enter!

So what is the February challenge?

At a cost of £16, there are two options available:


Half Marathon Distance Challenge

Available for everyone as a challenge and you must complete at least 13.1 miles during February. This means you can run just over four park runs and be a finisher. 



Full Marathon Distance Challenge:

For runners who want a slightly harder challenge and you must complete at least 26.2 miles during February.

You can do the distance is as few or as many runs as you want during the month.  As long as you complete the distance during February then you will be an official finisher.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up, all you need to do is to complete the distance by the end of February and send us a photo or copy of your Garmin / Strava / Runtastic or any other app.  You can send this to so that we pick this up separate to our Saturn Running emails.

We will send out batches of medals at the end of each week, so as soon as you complete the challenge and submit your evidence, you will get your medal.

What about distance pins?

A great questions and if you complete your chosen distance in one run then you will get the relevant pin!

Half Marathon Pin

If you complete your chosen distance in one run of 13.1 miles we will give you the half marathon pin.

Full Marathon Pin

If you complete the marathon distance in one run of 26.2 miles we will give you the full marathon pin.

Is there a results page?

We will put the results of the virtual run online as and when runners complete their chosen distance.  This will be structured in terms of how quickly you complete the distance. So if you complete your challenge by 1 February 2020 we will list you as having completed on this day.  If you complete the challenge on the 29th February you will be listed as completed on this day!  

What other challenges do you have?

As well as this challenge, we will have 3 further challenges you can enter during 2020.

Each challenge will be different so watch out for further details.  We will be having a special virtual run, a Halloween virtual run and a Christmas virtual run so watch out for these medals.