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5th April 2020 - 9:30am

Thank you for entering our Philosopher's Run event on Sunday 5th April 2020.  There will be a route change due to the path from Maiden Castle bridge towards the rowing club being closed for repair work.

We will update these instructions nearer the event date once we have finalised the route and weather conditions.

We are not expecting any major changes over the next few days, but if any details change in we will announce this on our Facebook chat group and we recommend you join the group to ensure you have all up to date information.  Our Facebook group is:

Our new Strava Club is also available to join if you have the Strava app. We have a small number of runners in the group so far and already it's interesting seeing some of the miles people run!! Within Clubs search type in Saturn and not Saturn Running and you should find us easily or on the web then go to the following link

Please let us know if this event is a special occasion for you e.g. your first marathon attempt, a landmark half or full marathon or your first organised run and we will mention your achievement at our pre-race briefing!!

  • Do your events have onsite parking?
    It depends on each event and details of parking and other information will be provided on the event web page. Where possible, we arrange our events to be in areas where there are parking facilities, however some venues do charge for parking and some venues may have a limited number of parking facilities nearby. We do have some venues where parking areas could be up to 2km away from Race HQ and the start line, therefore please give yourself ample time.
  • Can I obtain a full refund if I am unable to participate?
    We allow you to transfer your entry to another person for free up to one week before the event - you will need to find a willing buyer and arrange the money transfer between yourself and the buyer. Our Facebook Chat Group is a good place to advertise - please see You can then use the website to complete the transfer. Up to 24hours before the event, if you cannot attend due to illness or injury we will allow you to enter one of our future events for reduced price of £18.00 (subject to availability of places). To qualify for this offer, you must email us no later than 24 hours before the event, you must pay your transfer fee of £18.00 within 28 days of the event and you must choose a new event within 6 months from the date of the original event. We are unable to offer a refund under any circumstances. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.
  • I am entering with a running guide, does my guide need to register and pay?"
    We allow the running guide to compete for free and we will record the guide’s time as a separate participant. However, we may not have a spare medal or goody bag if the event is full. We will need full details of your guide and your guide must complete the minimum distance.
  • I would like to enter but require a running guide to assist me. Do you provide guides or know any running guides?
    If you do require a running guide, then please contact us by email and we will try and arrange one. However it may not be possible to find a suitable guide or a guide who can run at your speed.
  • Do you allow early starts for your events?
    We do not allow participants to start early as we want all our participants to support and encourage each other. If you have unique circumstances that require an early start then please email us but the circumstances must be highly unique for any request to be considered. During winter months we may have two start times so that runners can conitnue to run for as long as they want in our 7hr cut off.
  • If I arrive late, can I still participate?"
    All competitors need to register on time and must attend our safety briefing before the race starts. If you are delayed due to travel problems e.g. traffic jams or train delays, please inform us and we will try and accommodate you starting late. However, it is unlikely we will be able to extend the time-limit and therefore you will have less time to complete your run.
  • Do you have aid stations & will there be cups to use?
    Yes, all of our events will have aid stations no more than 5 miles apart. Each aid station will be fully stocked with water, soft drinks, sweets, biscuits, crisps, fruit and other goodies. We will also have a range of vegan snacks. We will issue a reusable cup during event registration. You can leave the cup at the aid station where we can keep details of yiour preferred drink and have your cup refilled ready for you.
  • I have a food allergy, will the aid station be suitable?"
    We recommend all participants with a food allergy bring along their own food for the event which we can keep separate on the aid table. Please inform us when you enter the event that you have a food allergy and we can also provide a limit range of snacks that can be segregated for you and are free from certain allergens. Such items will be unopened and participants with allergies will need to read the ingredients and be satisfied they are suitable. If you are in any doubt, do not eat the food items provided by SR.
  • Can I run with my children?
    You can enter your children at some of our events. Under 18 entrants will be limited to no more than 10% of the maximum number of entrants and an adult parent or guardian must run with them at all time. You must also be aware that there are maximum permitted distances that anyone under 18 years old can run which could reduce the distance the adult parent or guardian is able to run. Children are not permitted to be left on their own at the start or on the route by an adult participating in one of our events. We obtain our race permits from the Trail Running Association and the maximum distances permitted to be run are as follows: Under 12 year olds: 3km 12 - 13 year olds: 5km 14 - 15 year olds: 6km 16 year olds: 10km 17 year olds: 25km 18 year olds: 45km Due to insurance requirements, we are not permitted to allow runners to run further than the distances stated. You can run with a child in a buggy, but we would request the child is over 6 months old and in addition you have a suitable buggy. We recommend runners with a buggy check the course in advance on entering.
  • Can I run with my dog?
    Unfortunately dogs are not permitted on route as we are unable to obtain the relevant race permits or insurance if we were to allow dogs. We may organise events where we allow you to run with dogs, but these will not qualify as official races and we will only consider this if we believe there is sufficient demand for such an event.
  • What do I do if I get injured during the event?
    All participants will be provided with an emergency mobile number to call should they require medical assistance which prevents them from continuing to the next aid station. If you do not have a mobile phone, there will be a number of participants or members of the public who are likely to have a mobile telephone. We encourage all participants to carry a mobile telephone, fully charged and with sufficient credit to enable you to make phone calls.
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