Time & Location:

Virtual Run - Any location

Date: 18th April 2020 onward, no end date


Yourself (single entry): £24.00 - at least £5.00 of entry fee for charity

Donated place to Key Worker (single entry) : £24.00 - at least £5.00 of entry fee for charity

Yourself & Key Worker (Dual): £39.00 - at least £8.00 of entry fee for charity

The medal design in the photo is the final pre-production draft and there may be some minor changes made during production.


About The Event:

We have designed a special medal for our fantastic NHS and other emergency services key workers. So many of our NHS staff and emergency services are working way beyond anything they would expect and are putting themselves at risk too. We have seen some incredible stories already, but also some desperately sad stories during this crisis. The amounts we are donating are minimum amounts as we do not want to profit from the current crisis. Therefore the more entries we have the more we will be able to donate to charity. You are able to enter as follows:

** Enter Yourself as a single entry and we will donate £5.00 of your entry fee to the Association Of NHS Charities

** Enter A Key Worker (Single Entry - effectively you are donating your entry to a key worker) as a single entry and we will donate £5.00 of your entry fee to the Association of NHS Charities. Enter the name and details of the Key Worker you are buying the place for or alternatively if you do not have anyone to nominate we will put this place into a "pot" where Key Workers can email us directly and we will allocate the space to them.

** Enter Yourself & A Key Worker (Dual Entry) - as well as donating £8.00 of your entry fee to the Association Of NHS Charities, you and a Key Worker who you nominate will receive a place. We will email you and ask you for the details of your key worker as the system. We will also match your generosity by adding a further free place into our Key Worker pot where any Key Worker can email us and access the pot for free if they have not already been entered by a friend.

What distance do I have to run?

We are allowing any distances from 5km upwards with no upper distance.

When do I need to complete the run by?

We are not going to have an end date for when you can complete the run as we are aware with current restrictions you may find it difficult. However all runs from 18th April 2020 will count as a qualifying run.

Where do I send confirmation of my distance?

You can email confirmation of your distance to and we will then add you to our results list.