Time & Location:

Various dates and times


Various prices exist based on location, weekdays and whether you purchase a bundle of gift vouchers


About The Vouchers:

You can use our vouchers at any of our normal time challenge style events. We have different gift vouchers set up for different regions and also for bundles of events.

These make a great Christmas present or birthday present for a runner or why not treat yourself.

You are guaranteed entry to any event as long as you cash your voucher in no later than 10 days before the date of the run. We will withhold 10% of all event places for gift voucher holders meaning if the event sells out, you still have a place as long as you inform us up to 10 days before the event. With current coronavirus restrictions and areas being placed into local lockdowns, the gift voucher also gives you increased flexibility allowing you to wait until 10 days before the event before booking. You can still use your voucher up to midnight the day before an event, however, please be aware the event could be fully booked.

Voucher Benefits:

- A great gift for yourself or a running buddy

- A wide range of events to choose from

- Guaranteed entry as long as you notify us you want to join the event no later than 10 days before the event.

- Great if you are unsure of your racing diary with our guaranteed entry promise

- Reduces your risk of losing your race entry through injury or illness as you are not booking an event weeks in advance

- Bundles of gift vouchers help to reduce the overall cost to you

- No expiry date meaning you are in no rush to use your voucher