Time & Location:

5th September 2020 from 2.30pm

Wraysbury Skiff & Punting Club, Runnymede Pleasure Grounds, Egham, TW20 0AE



£33 (standard entry); £31 (affiliated runner entry)

Pin only option: £28 (standard entry); £26 (affiliated runner entry)

Early Timed Event - 7:00am Start to 2:00pm

£33 (standard entry); £31 (affiliated runner entry)

Pin only option: £28 (standard entry); £26 (affiliated runner entry)


£57 (standard entry); £53 (affiliated runner entry)

You will receive the Greatest Show-Run medal for the early timed event and then our fabulous Saturn Planets Medal for the second timed event.

We are also holding a 50 Mile event on the same day where you can win the event medal, a 50 mile pin and a 50 mile finisher's t-shirt. If you enter the 50 mile run, you can drop down to both Timed Events on the day if you decide you can't make the 50 Mile Run, so if you're in doubt you can enter the 50 Mile run and then decide to run both the Timed Events on the day instead! If you wish to enter the 50 mile run then click HERE

About The Event:

Join us for The Greatest Show-run and earn yourself a fantastic themed medal. We have 3 events on during the day, so there is plenty of choice for you!

If you sign up to either one of the 'Timed Events' you will get the fantastic Greatest Show-run Medal. If you sign up to both 'Timed Events' then your second medal with be our new Saturn Planets medal.

Alternatively you can enter our special 50 mile event where you will receive the Greatest Shown-run Medal and also a technical 50 mile event t-shirt. To guarantee the t-shirt size you want is available on the day, you will need to enter by 11th July 2020. However, you can enter after this date and we will arrange for your size to be made and delivered to you.

Timed Events

Each of the Timed Events is a 7 hour event. However, if you are entering both events, we would ask you to try and finish your first event by 2pm so we can give you your first medal and you are able to attend the second race briefing. You can choose your distance from 5km to ultra. You can complete as many laps of our 5 mile (8.0km) lapped course as you wish within the 7 hour limit. For half marathoners, you will need to complete 2 laps and then a shorter lap to Staines Bridge and back. Marathon runners will need to complete 5 laps and a short lap to the M25 bridge and back.

Please be aware if you are planning on running after 6:30pm in the late event, you will have to have a head torch / chest torch. We will not be able to let you run without this.

50 Mile Event

This event will start at 7:00am and you will have 15 hours to complete the distance. This works out to be an average of 3.33 mph or splits of about 18 mins 02 secs. We will have a 5 mile route for 50 mile runners as it makes it nice and easy to calculate your distance! If during the event you decide you cannot make the 50 mile distance then you can drop down to the Time Challenge event. If you have made this decision before 2:30pm, we can record your distance as the first Time Challenge event and you can start the second Time Challenge event from 2:30pm. You would receive the Saturn Planet medal for your second event, but you would not receive your 50 mile t-shirt.

If you decide to drop down to the Timed Event after 2:30pm you will not be able to compete in the second Time Challenge event as this will have already started. However, you will still get the distance and time recorded as one run and you will also get the Greatest Showman medal.

Can you run further than 50 miles? Absolutely!! If you are wanting to push yourself further, then we will allow you to have the 15 hours as one very long Timed Event!

Medical Cover

We will have third party medical cover at this event in order to help keep you running. However, if the medical team decide you are not able to continue we would ask you to stop.

All Events

You can say This Is Me each time you get back to our fantastically well stocked aid station, which includes a great selection for vegan runners. Hopefully, this will make you Come Alive and you will decide Never Enough and head out for another lap. Once you decide you have ran for as long or as far as you want, you can ring out, join the finishers on The Other Side and check your time to see if A Million Dreams have come true with a personal best.

We welcome runners of all abilities and as long as you complete at least the 5km will earn an iconic themed medal. Alternatively, you may carry on running and complete as many laps as you can manage within the time limit! We also have a 50k option for those wishing to run this distance (30 laps and then to Runnymede Hotel and back)

MINI-ME PIN OPTIONS - We will be offering a 'mini-me pin only' sign up option for anyone doing one run only, otherwise the pricing becomes too complicated! This will be £5 cheaper than the full medal option and your will receive a mini medal pin plus your distance pin. There will be STRICTLY 30 PIN ONLY entries across both of the events, so if you want a pin only then you will need to sign up quickly.

We will order sufficient pins so that runners doing both timed events and the 50 mile run receive a mini-pin.

There will be a distance pin for all runners who complete either a half marathon, mega half marathon, marathon, 50km, Ultra or 50 mile distance in the 7hr / 15hr time limit which can be attached to your medal ribbon.

The aid station is at the start line and therefore available every every 3 miles and 5 miles. The toilets are situated in the Skiff Club which is available for our runners use from 6:00am and for the entire event.

Places are strictly limited and event registration will close once these are sold out.

Minimum distance is 5km or as far as you can go in 7 hours.

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