These instructions relate to all of our runs which start from the Wokingham Waterside Centre.

If there are any changes to the standard information, we will announce these on our Facebook chat group and we recommend you join the group to ensure you have all up to date information.  Our Facebook group is:

Our Strava Club is also available to join if you have the Strava app. We have a small number of runners in the group so far and already it's interesting seeing some of the miles people run!! Within Clubs search type in Saturn and not Saturn Running and you should find us easily or on the web then go to the following link

Please let us know if this event is a special occasion for you e.g. your first marathon attempt, a landmark half or full marathon or your first organised run and we will mention your achievement at our pre-race briefing!!

Frequently asked questions


Where is the nearest car parking to race registration?

The address for the venue is: Wokingham Waterside Centre Thames Valley Park Drive Earley Reading RG6 1PQ The nearest parking is on the road parking along Thames Valley Park Drive. This road has no parking restrictionsn on the weekend (although please avoid any double yellow lines). There is normally sufficient space on the road to park, however we recommend runners arrive early in case they need to park further away. To ensure the maximum number of runners can park as close as possible, please ensure you park close to the next car rather than leaving large gaps! If you are not able to park in Thames Valley Park Drive, the is also parking available in Shepherds House Lane which can accessed from Thames Valley Park Drive. Shepherds House Lane continues after the railway bridge too (please look at google maps) and whilst there is pedestrian access under the bridge, you would need to access this section of Shephards House Lane from the A4 (London Road). For more informaiton please see Google Maps

Where is the nearest railway station?

The nearest train station is Reading, which is around 1.6 miles away from the race start. If you are arriving by train, it will take approximately 30 minutes to walk to the start. There are plenty of taxis available and buses can get you close (although it may be quicker to walk than get a bus!)

Is there somewhere to lock up my bicycle?

There are places to lock your bike to at the Wokingham Waterside Centre

What time is race registration / race briefing / start & finish times?

The venue will be open from 8:30am for toilets and changing facilities. Start time: 09:00am until 10:00am HOWEVER, if you want to start earlier (from 8am) you can do, but please be aware the toilets are not open. As we are not having a mass start, then please arrive and we can start you or your group together at anytime. Just let us know when you are ready and we can start you. We will also let you know if there are any issues to watch for on the course. Event Finish Time The event is due to finish at 5:00pm and you will need to aim to have comleted your last lap by then. We are relatively flexible with cut-offs, so if you think you will be longer than this, then please let us know!

What facilities are available & is there a bag drop?

There are toilets available inside the Wokingham Waterside Centre and these will can be used by runners during the event. We will have a bag drop area near to the aid table, but please note that all bags left here are at your own risk.

What should I remember to bring with me on the day?

As well as your normal running kit please ensure you bring the following:

  • Clothing suitable for running in temperatures predicted on the day and remembering that wind can make it feel colder.
  • Change for any merchanise you may wish to buy. We sell reusable cups for £3.00 and buffs for £6.00 which can be bought on the day if required. We can also take card payment.
  • Mobile phone with our mobile numbers recorded stored in them. If you get into any difficulty medically then we can respond quickly. Our mobile numbers are 07921 699240 & 07825 835377.


What is the course and how was it measured?

Each lap will be 3.28 miles in length and will start at the Wokingham Waterside Centre. The route is suitable for road shoes and we suggest runners use road shoes for this event. We have two routes from the Waterside Centre and we may use either route or both routes for the event. If we use both routes, the start and finish of each lap is still at the Wokingham Waterside Centre. A copy of our Sonning route can be found here A copy of our Caversham route can be found here

What are the minimum and maximum distances I can run?

The minimum distance you can run is 5km and we will have a 5km turnaround sign. As long as you complete at least the 5km distance, you are an official finisher. Overall, it is you who decides how far you wish to run on the day. Even if you have indicated you are going to run a specific distance when you entered, you can still run a different distance on the day. It is completely up to you how far you wish to run.

How do you know how many laps I have completed?

At the end of each lap we wil recorded your lap on an app, so please make sure it is obvious you have finished a lap!

What type of terrain is the course?

SONNING DIRECTION The course is a mix of well maintained paths and unmade paths. The unmade paths, in bad weather, can become boggy. In this situation we will solely use the Caversham Route. However, when the course is fine we will use the Sonning Route - which means it is most suitable for road shoes. Occassioinally, we will use both routes which start and finish at the same place. CAVERSHAM DIRECTION The course is on well maintained footpaths and is suitable for road shoes. There are a couple of small areas on the course where tree roots have lifted part of the path, so please take care on the small uneven sectons. There is also an unusual bridge to go over where visibility is limited around the corners. We request that runners keep to the left hand side in order to minimise the chance of colliding with another runner. We also request you remember that it is a public footpath so you could have dog walkers, pedestrians and cyclists using the route too. The route takes you quite a way into Reading Town Centre and therefore could become busy near to Reading Bridge (the first bridge you go under) and the following footbridge which is just before the turnaround point.

What risks are on the course?

As well as the normal risks involved in trail running, please be mindful and aware of uneven surfaces and tree routes. Bridges The footbridges on the course have wooden sections which can become slippery when wet. The footbridges are also narrower and you will need to be careful of other runners and path users. Other users of the Thames Path The Thames Path is used by a number of recreational users, including anglers, walkers, dog-walkers and cyclists. Please ensure you give other users the right of way and that you are courteous at all times. Shoppers The route takes you towards Reading Town Centre and also near to a large Tesco Extra. There could be shoppers on the route who are not used to events taking place. Bridge Over The River Kennett The footbridge over the River Kennett is unusual and has limited visibility around the corners due to its design. Please take extra care at this section.



We believe we have the one of the most environmentally friendly cup policy of all running event organisers. Our hire cups are all dishwasher cleaned between events and we don't use any single use plastic or paper cups. Even the most environmentally friendly paper cups are single use by their nature and some of these cannot be recycled or composted as easily as their environmental claims - often resulting in such cups being diverted to landfill. We will have two bins at our event, one for recycling e.g. bottles, cartons etc. and a second one for food waste. If you use our bins please can you ensure you put the recyclable waste in the correct bin so we can minimise landfill. During race registration you can hire an Orange reusable cup for free (please return this at the end). There is a completely voluntary charitable donation and all proceeds from the cup hire will go to our Charity of the month, which for March is Alzheimers and Steps. Please take your cup to the Aid Table and we have our perspex cup holders. We will write your number on the perspex and your preferred drink if you let the marshal at the table know your choice. This means we can have your preferred drink ready for you at the end of each lap, which will minimise your stopping time. Just put your empty cup back in your numbered slot on the cup holder and it will be filled next time you return.
We can also accommodate runners who bring their own cup, bottle or hydration pack which can be refilled with any of the drinks we offer at the aid table.

What refreshments are available at the aid table?

We believe we have the most extensive and best stocked aid table, with goodies suitable for all runners. Our range is limited slightly due to COVID-19 and you are prohibited from helping yourself. We will dispense any sweets / goodies etc. using tongs. You MUST ADHERE to social distancing protocols whilst at the aid table. We have a wide selection of sweets, savoury items, cheese, fruit, crisps, cookies, nuts, pretzels and watermelon! Our section for vegans includes fruit, nuts, crisps and sweets. If you have a gluten intolerance there will be items on our aid table which you can have. Please do inform us if you have any food allergies and if your food allergy is severe we recommend you bring your own fuel with you and not to use the food on the aid table. The aid station will have water, squash and fizzy drinks which are available for all runners. Please note we do not routinely have gels or sports drinks, however, we occassional receive free samples from various entities and where we do we will place these on the aid table. If you rely on gels, please remember to bring your own with you.

Food allergies

Please do inform us if you have any food allergies and if your food allergy is severe we recommend you bring your own fuel with you and not to use the food on the aid table.


General first aid (non-emergency)

We have a first aid box at the aid table and there are marshals with first aid experience available. If you have a medical need on the course then please call George or Charlotte and we will get assistance to you as quickly as possible. If you are unable to call us, for instance you do not have a phone, then please stop another runner and ask for assistance. If you are a runner and notice another runner in need of assistance, then please stop and help. We recommend, even if you are able to return to the aid table without receiving assistance, that you inform George or Charlotte so that we can get the relevant first aid items ready for your arrival. If you are unable to return to the aid table, but your injuries are not serious or life threatening e.g. a sprained ankle, we will get to you as quickly as possible. There are access points onto the course at various locations and in most cases we should be with you within 10 minutes. We suggest you carry a mobile phone with you in case of an emergency and for you to store our mobile numbers in your contacts. Charlotte can be contacted on 07825 835377 and George on 07921 699240. If you are in need of general first aid assistance, please call Charlotte or George.

Medical emergency

In the event of a medical emergency you should, if possible, call the emergency services on 999 first before contacting Charlotte or George. Please also pass a message onto the next runner so they can relay it back to race HQ and other marshals on the course. As a runner, if you see another runner with a medical emergency then please check their situation, call 999 and care for them to the best of your ability and knowledge. You should be given guidance as to what to do in the situation from the 999 operator. Following this, and as long as it is safe to remain with the runner requiring medical assistance, call George or Charlotte if you can and stop other runners to assist you in caring with the runner requiring medical assistance. Life threatening emergencies may include respiratory distress, severe chest pains, cardiac arrest, rapid irregular heart rate, uncontrolled bleeding, shock, choking, hypothermia (cold core body temperature) and hyperthermia (hot core body temperature) and hyponatraemia (excessive water intoxication). Please also be aware that people in a serious medical condition can be disorientated or violently aggressive.

How do I know where I am on the course to direct medical assistance if required?

We recommend runners download an App called What3Words. This will pinpoint your location and provide you a unique three letter phrase specific for your exact location. It can be used to help emergency services find your exact location or the location of a runner in need of medical assistance. Both George and Charlotte have the app and it will also help them pinpoint where you are in non-emergency situations. More information on What Three Words can be found at the following web addresses:


Medal and goody bag

All finishers will receive a medal and a goody bag. You can select some items for your goody bags. If you are vegan please let us know at registration as we have vegan products for your goody bag which are not available to all runners. During registration we will mark your number so at the finish we will give you a vegan goody bag.

Weather forecast

The current weather forecast is expected to have temperatures ranging from 2 to 5 degrees. There is a 8% chance of rain during the event and there will be a slight breeze from the North West. However, the conditions can change and we recommend runners continue to review weather conditions the day before the event. Please ensure you have suitable clothing for the expected weather conditions. You can see the latest weather forecast at the following link


We will be taking photographs during most of our events which we will post on our Facebook Saturn Running Chat Group. This will be the only place you will be able to view your photographs. If you like your photos, you can use them for free. If there are any photos you want us to remove, then please send us a copy of the photo and we will find it and remove it for you. Equally if there are photos you like, then you can have them for free - we can also email you a JPEG version as long as you let us know which photo you want.


What future events do you have?

We have released the majority of our dates for 2021 and the start of 2022. Details of all our events at all our venues can be found here.